In order to assist you in your genealogical research, we have compiled this document of holdings available from the Beauregard Parish Library, as well as information which we hope will help you continue your search after you leave this library.

"How-To" Books on Doing Family Research Available From the Beauregard Parish Library

These books are available for checkout to local patrons with a lending period of two weeks. If you are not a local patron, please contact your nearest public or academic library concerning InterLibrary Loan.

General Records Information

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Cemetery Records

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People & Places

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Due to the loss of newspapers on microfilm in the fire of 1991, the Beauregard Parish Library currently holds only issues of the Beauregard Daily News from September 1991 to the present.

Below is a list of libraries which carry back issues of the DeRidder Enterprise-Messenger, The DeRidder Enterprise, and the Beauregard Daily News.

DeRidder Enterprise-Messenger
DeRidder Enterprise
Beauregard Daily News

If you are looking for newspapers other than the local paper, you will find a copy of the book The Louisiana Newspaper Project in the reference section of the library. This book lists holdings records for Louisiana newspapers retained on a permanent basis by Louisiana libraries and repositories.

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There are genealogy libraries in Louisiana that a family researcher may want to visit. These libraries can greatly supplement information found at the local level. Below is a listing of six such libraries including address and telephone numbers.

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Genealogy Glossary

AbstractBrief statement of the main parts of a document
AdministratorThe person legally authorized to manage an estate
AncestorA person from whom you are descended in a direct line
ArchivesPlace for the keeping of records
BannsPublic announcement, in church, of proposed marriage
Bounty LandLand given to soldiers in place of monetary payment
CensusPeriodic count of population by the government (In the US, the Census is taken every 10 years)
ChristenTo baptize, or to name at baptism
Christian NameFirst name, as opposed to the surname of a person
CodicilAn alteration or addition to a will, made at a later date
CollateralDescended from the same ancestors, but in a different line
Cousin (removed)A first cousin once removed is the child of a person's first cousin. A second cousin twice removed is the grandchild of a person's second cousin.
DeedLegal document containing the record of a transfer of land
DescendentA person directly descended, by blood, from an ancestor
EmigrantOne who leaves a country to settle in another place
Executor (-trix)Person appointed in a will to administer an estate
FreemenOne who had attained his full rights as a citizen
GenealogyThe history, oral or written, of the descent of one person or family from an ancestor or ancestors
Hereditary GroupsOrganizations whose memberships consist of descendants of a prominent person or group
ImmigrantOne who enters and settles in a foreign country
IndentureAgreement binding one person to work for another for a certain period of time (usually seven years)
IntestateWhen a person dies without leaving a valid will
InventoryItemized account of the articles comprising an estate
LinealBeing in direct line of descent or ancestry
Maiden NameThe name of a woman prior to her first marriage
MaternalRelating to the mother
ObituaryNotice of the death of a person, usually in the newspaper
ParishIn Britain, a subdivision of county relating to both civil and ecclesiastical government
PaternalRelating to the father
PedigreeWritten chart showing ancestry or line of descent
ProbateAct or process of proving a will
ProgenitorAncestor in the direct line, usually first in this country
QuitclaimA deed conveying the interest of a party, normally in the transfer of land ownership
RangeA row of townships, running vertically on the map, N to S
RelictWidow or widower
SeparatistsGroups that withdrew from the established church in England. Two of these groups were called Pilgrims (who settled in Plymouth) and the Puritans (who founded Massachusetts Bay Colony).
SurnameThe family name or last name