This week we received a new book that will appeal to animal lovers. - Rescuing Penny Jane: One Shelter Volunteer, Countless Dogs, and the Quest to Find Them All Homes by Amy Sutherland.

Amy Sutherland is a best-selling writer and lifelong dog lover. Through conversations with leading shelter directors, researchers, adoption counselors, and caretakers across the country, she shows us a complete picture of the animal rescue system. She discusses the challenges these organizations face as well as the triumphs they celebrate when loving homes are found for their charges. There are moving stories of dogs considered hopeless and the people who decided to take a chance and open their hearts and homes to them. There are also some stories that do not have such happy endings.

Sutherland also shares the stories of her own rescued shelter dogs and how much they have contributed to her life as well as her experiences volunteering with shelters. She even discusses the history of homeless dogs going back to Sadie, the who braved the battlefield at Gettysburg.

There are always dogs who need homes and compassionate people who work tirelessly to save them. In fact, there are several rescue organizations in our local area doing everything they can to help dogs and cats in need. If reading this book inspires you, please check them out to see what you can do to help.