Free Music for St. Patrick’s Day

Freegal, the free music website paid for by your Beauregard Parish Library has a lot of music for St. Patrick’s Day and much Celtic music for any day. Use your free 5 downloads (weekly) or listen with your free 3 hours (daily) of commercial-free streaming music.

Try music from Clannad such as the bouncing “Journey’s End”, “Theme from Harry’s Game”, the lilting “Seachran Charn Tsiail”, and “Newgrange” from Rogha: The Best of Clannad. Or the beautiful “Coinleach Glas An Fhomhair” from Magical Ring. Or try the mysterious “Robin (The Hooded Man)”, the gentle “Lady Marian”, or the exciting “Battles” from Legend, the soundtrack album for the BBC production of Robin Hood.

Or try the gritty, growly vocals from the American band Barleyjuice. Try the jig “Skulduggery Street”, and “Get Your Irish On” from the album Skulduggery Street.

Or the fast violin music with rock undertones of “Airfailarin” by Skilda from 13 Dreams.

From Ireland there is Gaelic Brew with their album Away From Home. Listen to the colorful ancestry of band members on “Descendants of Ireland” such as Fear Gearr (Short Man), the smallest man in Ireland who was mistaken many times for a leprechaun. It is rumoured that he was killed when he could not produce a pot of gold. Or the story of Deoch Laidir (Strong Drink), the creator of “strong potions” (alchohol). He was thought to be an evil wizard and was going to be condemned to death but everyone was so merry they didn’t care. Notable music: “The Mermaid”, “Hills of Donegal”, “Finnegan’s Wake”, “Lonesome Boatman”, a tin whistle instrumental, and “Spancil Hill”.

Gaelic Storm had a dancing, toe tapping jig on the Titanic movie called “An Irish Party in Third Class” from Titanic: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.