Some people think of spreadsheets as something only accountants use. They're wrong. Anyone can use a spreadsheet, and they have a wide range of uses.

The most common use of spreadsheets is for budgets, such as tracking your monthly bills and balancing your checkbook. But they're great for keeping tables of stuff, such as your book collection, your valuables for insurance purposes, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of friends, and so much more.

The library's patron computers have LibreOffice installed, which includes the LibreOffice Calc component for spreadsheets. While we don't have specific tutorials online for it, we do have Universal Class and GCF Learning. These two have a variety of courses for Microsoft Excel, which will give you the concepts you need to use almost any spreadsheet program. You can find links to both on our Online Learning page. You can also download LibreOffice for free and run it on your home computer, to give you a chance to practice.

Spreadsheets are a common business tool. It can pay to have some experience working with one!