One of the essential skills for the modern era is the use of the computer keyboard. It's definitely a skill, though, that benefits from structured instruction in how to use it properly. Too many people spend more time on the computer "hunting and pecking" or "two-finger typing" than they do finding what they need and getting things actually done.

Fortunately, the Library has help for that. Both Universal Class and GCF Learning have classes on this topic. You can find links to both on our Online Learning page, and simply searching for "typing" on each will bring up courses to help you learn to type quickly and accurately, letting you get more done during your time at the computer. Most classes teach the standard QWERTY layout, but you can even get classes on the Dvorak layout.

There are also numerous other sites out there with free classes, if the ones from Universal Class and GCF Learning aren't to your taste. You could try,, and, among others!