The Library Board's of Control will meet in regular session at the DeRidder branch (205 S. Washington Ave.) on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 4:30 pm. Pursuant to the “Sunshine Laws” (La R.S. 42:14), all regular meetings of this board are open to the public.


I. Call to order & roll call

II. Amend and / or approve minutes from prior meeting(s)

III. Public Participation

IV. Board Matters

1. Set meeting dates & appoint officers for remainder of 2017
2. Review trustee annual requirements & conference reminders

V. Audit Matters

1.Approve letter of engagement & compliance questionnaire for audit if FY 2016
2. Discuss Management's Discussion & Analysis

VI. Approve final amendment to 2016 budget

VII. Approve new records retention policy & public records point-of-contact

VIII. Personnel

1. Review & discuss job descriptions, professional development, salary scales & their interactions
2.Review & discuss method of evaluating director's performance

IX. 2017 Plans
1. Discuss Strategic Plan mid-plan update & projects planned for 2017
2.Review, discuss, adopt volunteer policy proposal
3.Discuss Ready-to-Work involvement

X. Public Relations, Outreach
1.2016 achievements
2. Discuss personnel & Board's expectations for department

XI. Quarterly reports
1. Statistical
2. Financial
3. Facility & location updates – East Beau & South Beauregard

XII. Adjourn