Storing things digitally means they can easily be copied, manipulated, and shared. Many new things created these days are created digitally, such as photos taken with cellphone cameras, and documents typed on a word processor.

However, there's a lot of older stuff that's not stored digitally, or you don't have the original digital version any more - maybe it was stored on one of those old floppy disks, and all you have left is a printout of it.

Or maybe you had to fill out some forms and now need to send them to someone through e-mail, a common substitute for faxing these days.

Either way, our Docucolor Printer/Copier can help - because it's also a scanner! And it's free!

Come in and scan to an e-mail, or scan to your USB key, on our Docucolor Copier/Printer/Scanner! Ask for help, if you need it, and one of our clerks will be glad to help!