Time marches on, and the Library has to go with it. Once upon a time, the Internet was small, and the websites on it were small. You could load one in just a few seconds over a normal dial-up modem that connected to the regular telephone line you already had.

However, people wanted to do more with websites, and so they got larger, and larger. Now, a dial-up modem connection tends to mean that you might be waiting half an hour or more for the site to load before you can do anything. As a result, the Library searched for a better solution.

That better solution is mobile HotSpots - small boxes that connect to cell phone towers and then provide a WiFi signal around them. These provide speeds closer to what DSL and Cable Internet users are used to so large websites can now load in a reasonable time.

Earlier this month (December 5th), the Library started checking out these mobile HotSpots, and we've had a lot of very happy patrons using them. There are places in the parish that have weak or no cell phone reception where they do not work. Hopefully, our mobile data service provider will be covering those areas soon.

Unfortunately, that also means that a date that has been 20 years in coming will be here soon. Shortly after the New Year, we will be discontinuing dial-up service. The dial-up modems have served us well, but now it is time for them to retire to take their rest.