After weeks of preparation, the big day is finally here. Merry Christmas! If you want to prolong that holiday spirit just a little longer, we added some new Christmas movies to our collection last week that can help accomplish this. The library will reopen on Wednesday, so you might want to come in then and check out one of these new DVDs.

Christmas in the Smokies. Set in the picturesque Smoky Mountains, this modern-day Christmas classic tells the story of a family’s journey to save their berry farm during the Christmas season. As a last resort, the family decides to throw a big Christmas concert and fundraiser. The concert will feature a local country music superstar, who was once involved with the daughter, Shelby. Unfortunately, he has a history of disappointing her, and she fears he may not come through this time either. As the big day approaches, they all will learn the value of family, faith, community and forgiveness before time runs out.

Back to Christmas. Ali’s last Christmas was not pleasant and she is trying to skip this year altogether. She meets a kind stranger at a diner who encourages her to believe in the magic of the holidays. She admits to him that if she could redo her last Christmas, she would. She awakens the next morning to discover that her second chance has come. But changing the past is not so easy and she finds herself trying to make all the right decisions to ensure that this time around she ends up with the love of her life.

Miracle on Christmas Lake. Bobby Whiteside is a sixteen year old boy who hates the holidays. His father abandoned him right before Christmas when he was younger and he has just lost his best friend. All he can think about is getting away from his hometown. He quits playing hockey and isolates himself from his teammates and his mother. But then one night he makes an amazing discovery – a magic hockey rink that only he can see. His nightly visits to the rink begin to bring back his Christmas spirit, until he learns that his brother’s construction company plans to develop the land around his rink. With the help of a friend and a little magic from Saint Nick, he rallies the townspeople, reunites his family, and plays one last important hockey game with an unexpected friend.