If you would like to learn how to save money and make your paycheck go farther, check out one of the latest additions to the library collection.

This week we received the book Pogue’s Basics: Money: Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) by David Pogue. The author is known for his bestselling books, columns in Scientific American and the New York Times, as well as appearances on PBS’s NOVA and CBS Sunday Morning. In this book, he shows how there are many opportunities for us to save money that we never even think about. It is full of tips to help in every situation of our lives. It is divided into sections that include: shopping, credit cards, gift cards, house and home, tech and tv, travel, and food and drink. Each tip is accompanied by an estimate of how much can be saved using it. There are also sections on how to make extra money, how to legally save money on taxes, and a personal money checkup.

The author is also careful to note what this book does not contain. He does not include investment advice, making great personal sacrifices, suggestions that may save a little money but will take so much time that they are inefficient, or anything that might be unethical. He wants to show how it is possible to save money in ways that do not greatly change the way we live. An interesting side note: he also says that he doesn’t spend time time discussing some of the best money saving actions that are so obvious that everyone already knows about them – including using the public library.