Thanksgiving/Autumn Free Music

Freegal, the free and legal music service that gives you 5 free music downloads a week and 3 free hours daily of commercial-free streaming music has some Thanksgiving songs and some Autumn music for your enjoyment.

There is the traditional Thanksgiving song “Over the River and Through the Wood” written in 1844 by Lydia Marie Child. Or the traditional Thanksgiving hymn “We Gather Together”.

For a nice autumn song there is “Autumn Leaves” sung by Doris Day with Paul Weston & his Music from Hollywood on the album Day By Day or an instrumental version by Les Baxter on 14 Unforgettable Songs.

Or there is the old song “Autumn in New York” by many people such as Tal Farlow from Jazz Relaxing, Claud Williamson Trio on Autumn in New York, Harry Happel on Solo Piano: Jazz at the Pinehill, Jo Stafford on The Best Songs 1940-1950, Frank Sinatra on The Complete Hits 1943-1962 Vol.2, Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong from Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong: 15 Unmatched Songs.

There is the album Songs for Thanksgiving which has many old-timey food songs. Some of them take place during the war rationing when you had to have ration stamps or tickets to get certain things like butter. The album features various artists on songs like: “Home Cookin’”, “Please Leave My Butter Alone”(that's right, someone keeps pinching her butter), “One Meat Ball” (a sad little blues song about a man with only .15 and all he can afford is one meatball), “Sunshine Cake”, and“Everything Stops for Tea”. There are also instrumentals that will bring a spring to your step as you cook (or defrost) those Thanksgiving pies such as “Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy”,“Ma, I Miss Your Apple Pie”, “Dunkin’ a Doughnut”, and “Let’s Have Another Cup of Coffee”.

There are plenty of Thanksgiving Day albums for kids that have a variety of activity songs (that don’t have anything to do with Thanksgiving) that might keep the kids entertained.

Whatever your music needs or wishes try exploring Freegal and have a nice Thanksgiving.