Veteran’s Day is a day we honor those who have served in the military. It seems as if the word “thank you” does not carry the depth that we all feel for the sacrifices made. We all think about these sacrifices many days throughout the entire year.

So, The Music Minute has highlighted some music for Veteran’s Day and of course it is all free.

Having trouble getting up in the morning? Why not wake up with the gentle sound of “Reveille”? Or maybe you would prefer “Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning” written by Irving Berlin and found on the album Bing Crosby Meets Al Jolson: The Complete Radio Duets. Or perhaps “Reveille Rock” sung by Johnny and the Hurricanes found on The First Hot 100 of the 60’s Vol.2

Or maybe you would like to hear those old songs from your branch: Marines: “Marines’ Hymn (From the Halls of Montezuma)”, or the official march of The United States Marine Corps “Semper Fidelis” (always faithful) found on the album 50 Patriotic Songs, Army: “The Army Goes Rolling Along”, Navy: “Anchors Aweigh” or maybe you also would like the song “In the Navy”, Air Force: “The Air Force Song (Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder)”.

Or perhaps you might like the songs on the radio:

“This Is The Army Mr. Jones” written by Irving Berlin and sung by Max Bygraves from the album Second War Songs Vol.1. “A Long Long Way to Tipperary” and “Over There” sung by The American Quartet found on the album The Most Successful Vocal Band in the World, Ever!, or the New Orleans style instrumental version of “Over There” performed by Butch Thompson and Kid Thomas Valentine from the album Kid Thomas at San Jacinto Hall. And found on Remember Pearl Harbor: Classic Songs of World War II: a young Dinah Shore singing “He Wears a Pair of Silver Wings”, Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra on “Remember Pearl Harbor”, Glenn Miller and His Orchestra on “Shh, It’s A Military Secret”, and “Der Fuehrer’s Face”-a comical song about blowing raspberries in Hitler’s face but with a serious undertone of disapproval of his “master race” performed by Spike Jones and His City Slickers. This last song was taken from the Disney 1943 animated propaganda short film of the same title in which Donald Duck has a nightmare he is living in Nazi Germany. From Memorable Songs of World War II we have Woody Herman on “G.I. Jive”. And then there were The Andrew Sisters-three real-life sisters whose harmonies defined their style. They sang in the 1940’s and volunteered to sing for the Troops and toured with the USO. Freegal has one of their biggest hits “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” found on Second War Songs Vol.2.

Or you could listen to the speeches of Winston Churchill on Winston Churchill: His Speeches of the Second World War- some humorous, some serious. Or listen to The Second World War - BBC Archives. They are broadcasts and reports from BBC War Correspondents. I warn you that some are quite graphic. And there are many that send a chill down your spine as the correspondent paints a picture in your mind of war and the real-life scenes he is describing. Listen to the announcement that all peace talks have broken down and they are going to war, movie theatres are closing, and the evacuation of London’s children. Or Mussolini’s resignation or the capture of a city or supply ships being bombed. Or German air raids over England. You’ll hear everything in the background including bullet fire. The correspondent is actually there and giving you a play by play of scenes like going upstream and dodging searchlights-waiting for enemy fire.

All music brought to you from Freegal, the free and legal website that gives you 5 free downloads weekly and 3 free hours of commercial-free streaming music daily. This service is paid for by the Beauregard Parish Library.