While the world seems to be rushing towards a paperless all-digital age, some things are still published on good old paper. The Library has subscriptions to a number of magazines published that way, and they're available here on shelves to the right as you come in the front door.

Generally, one or two issues are kept out where they can easily be seen. However, lift the shelf they're sitting on, and any back issues the Library keeps are stored, ready to be checked out. Magazines are held for 7 days after they're put on the shelf before they can be checked out, so check the sticker on the front. Hint: if you want to check it out but it's still not ready for checkout, put in a request.

Another thing: some of the Library branches have subscriptions that the Main Branch in DeRidder doesn't have. So, if Fields has a subscription to a crochet magazine, and you live in Merryville, you don't have to go to Fields to pick it up - you can request it, and as soon as it's available at your branch, you can pick it up there, instead!

Now, if you're good with the electronic format for your magazines, there's always Zinio for your magazine reading pleasure on tablet, smartphone, or computer.