Freegal, (the free and legal website that gives you 5 free downloads a week and 3 free hours of commercial-free streaming music daily) has a lot of Halloween music to choose from.

There is music from Vic Mizzy who wrote “The Addams Family Theme” and Freegal has that and a whole album of music from the TV series in which Vic Mizzy does new arrangements of “Lurch’s Theme”, “Morticia’s Theme”, “Uncle Fester’s Blues”, “Gomez”, “Thing”, and “The Addams House” on the album The Addams Family by Vic Mizzy & his Orchestra. Or perhaps you would like to listen to “The Lurch” which is a song where kids are doing the dance called “The Lurch” and Ted Cassidy (who played Lurch on the TV series) is doing his signiature “You Rang” and groans and even scats a little in the background and is found on 60’s Groovy Freaks, Monsters, and Geeks. Or you could listen to “The Addams Family Theme” as a lullaby on Halloween Lullabies Vol.1. The library has the first volume of the TV series.

And remember their TV neighbors? The Munsters? Well, Freegal has ”The Munsters Theme”- both the original version and a longer slower mix that they played on the show found on TV Theme Songs of the Past. Or maybe you would like the punk version by Seasons of Sin found on Halloween Songs of All Time. The library has the the entire second season of The Munsters.

Then there was the show Dark Shadows that started the reluctant vampire storyline. The show had it’s own vampire, werewolf, witch, phoenix, zombie, and a few ghosts. The library has many of the shows as well as The 50th Anniversary Collection which features some of it’s time traveling shows. And Freegal has the orginal theme simply called “Dark Shadows” found on TV Theme Songs of the Past. Freegal also has several versions of “Quentin’s Theme-Shadows of the Night,” written by Robert Cobert, the beautiful yet haunting waltz that played just before Quentin “appeared” on the show. Freegal has several versions including a piano version performed by Mark Northam found on Quentin's Theme, an organ and harpsichord version performed by Charles Randolph Grean on the album Golden Melodies, and a full orchestral version performed by Ronnie Aldrich & The London Festival Orchestra found on the album Destination Love.

And do you remember the movie The Ghost and Mr. Chicken starring Don Knotts? Don’s character has to stay all night in a haunted house and hears an eerie organ played by moving keys but no one is there. Freegal has that instrumental called “The Haunted Organ” written by Vic Mizzy and performed by Charles Fernandez. The library owns the movie.

Or how about the theme from the movie Ghost Busters? The library has the older and newer versions. Or perhaps the theme from the movie Jaws (which the library owns).

Don’t forget you can collect your downloads or just listen or make a playlist of your own. All free!