Halloween is approaching and if you are looking for something a little bit different and not too scary to watch this year check out a new DVD that the library received last week – Shaun the Sheep: Little Sheep of Horrors.

This DVD contains several episodes of the British series Shaun the Sheep. This is a very unusual series. Each episode is about seven minutes long and contains no real dialog. Shaun is the leader of a flock of sheep living on an English farm. In the title episode, the farmer is watching a horror movie on television and the sheep are watching through the window. When the farmer goes to bed, one young sheep sneaks into the house. He finds an open pizza box and eats some of the pizza, spilling sauce all over himself. When the other sheep come looking for him, they think he is a vampire due to his being covered in red sauce. They are frightened, but Shaun tastes the sauce and assures the others that it is just pizza. Their noise has alerted the dog and they are afraid that they are in trouble. However, the dog simply lets them all watch the end of the movie together and the young sheep falls asleep.

The other episodes are also "spooky" stories. This DVD is not rated, but according to commonsensemedia.org, the series is appropriate for virtually any age viewers. However, parents may want to preview in order to determine if it is suitable for their children.