Looking for something to read that you can take with you on your tablet, or just read on the screen while you're working on other things? While OverDrive has an incredible selection of books and audiobooks you can check out and read or listen to, these have to be returned, sometimes before you've finished them.

On the other hand, the Library also has a collection of works available for downloading and keeping permanently. Most of them can even be shared with others, though generally you're not allowed to sell them, or charge for copying them. Our Cyber Reading Room links to Project Gutenberg, an effort to collect computerized editions of all books no longer covered by copyright, the Baen CD-ROM Collection, which includes many commercially published science fiction and fantasy novels in a variety of formats, all without Digital Rights Management, and LibriVox, recordings by amateurs of a wide variety of material for download and listening to.

I hope you'll enjoy our collection of free books available for downloading and enjoying on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or other device. As a bonus, you might well find a lot of the much older books that are assigned by teachers for book reports in the Project Gutenberg collection! That means you don't have to wait for copies to be available, or to buy a copy, to get started on that book report early!