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History of Horror

This feature is limited to the month of October with each Thursday's article containing information about the evolution of horror and items that you may be interested in checking out to learn more. Read on to learn more about the history of horror.

At the turn of the century, cheap periodicals became prevalent. These penny dreadfuls were filled with salacious tales of murder, horror, lust, and mystery. H.P. Lovecraft, often venerated for his wicked combinations of science fiction and horror, created wholecloth mythos using the serialized format. Other authors such as M.R. James used the increasing availability of fiction to break the molds and create modern forms of ghost stories, blending reality with horror.

In the 1950s and 60s, horror comics became popular, often outselling their more stereotypical hero-driven counterparts. These horror comics were able to depict the gore and overstep the bounds of what was allowable in movies. Because of the shocking material contained in some of these comics, they were often censored by removal or edit. These comics along with the horror fiction of the time would be seen as tame by many of today's standards, but they were critical in the creation of slasher and zombie movie tropes, inspiring (most notably) George A. Romero.

You can check out short story collections, e-books, and watch movies related to science fiction and horror by utilizing your library card. Some recommendations are , Rags and bones : new twists on timeless tales, Draculaby Bram Stoker, The Vampire Book : the Encyclopedia of the Undeadby J. Gordon Melton.

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