Last week we received some new books that will interest all of our LEGO fans. Check out:

365 Things To Do With Lego Bricks by Simon Hugo. This big book is full of new and exciting activities that will allow children to use their LEGOs in creative ways. There are projects that will only take a few minutes and require only a handful of bricks to complete, but there are also activities that will keep them occupied for hours. They can design their own LEGO pet, have a contest to build the highest tower, or even have a LEGO treasure hunt. Each activity is accompanied by a color photograph and general instructions, but there are not detailed directions. This allows them to be creative in completing each activity.

Included on the front cover is a timer that is used in many of the activities. It also functions as a random number generator to aid in selecting activities. This timer is attached to the book, but parents are cautioned that it may be a choking hazard making the book unsuitable for very young children.

Factastic: A LEGO Adventure in the Real World published by Scholastic. This is not an activity book, but rather uses pictures of LEGO scenes to illustrate all sorts of information about our world. Each entry uses a mini-story and colorful photography along with their favorite LEGO characters to keep children entertained while they are learning. There are entries covering everything from science and technology to history, geography and popular culture. Children can spend hours learning and having fun.