More and more, on major websites such as CNN and Slate, and in some programs such as Firefox, users are starting to see something they might have become familiar with from their smartphones and tablets.

This is the famous, or maybe infamous, "Hamburger Menu". It started out on phones and tablets as a way to keep the settings menu for apps from taking up extra space on the screen - and not even needing the word "Settings" to indicate where to click. The design takes off on the normal look of a drop down menu, with lines of text making neat rows. Eventually, most of the functions that would normally be in a menu in a regular application started hiding under there.

From there, many websites, rather than maintain a special "mobile device" version of their website, added the "Hamburger Menu" to their regular website to help you navigate to different sections.

Some love them, some hate them. But until a new design fad takes over, most everyone is going to have to live with them. Enjoy your hamburger!