Free Music from Lynn Anderson

Lynn Anderson had hits in the 1960’s and 1970’s. She had a beautiful warble to her voice and an adorable accent in her early years. You can see a young, innocent yet spunky Lynn Anderson Saturday nights on The Lawrence Welk Show on LPB (PBS). Later in the 70’s her style matured as she did. Freegal, the free and legal website (paid for by the Beauregard Parish Library) gives you five free downloads a week and three free hours daily of commercial-free streaming music and has many Lynn Anderson songs and a lot of her albums to choose from.

Some Hits:

  • “Rose Garden”- her biggest hit about how you have to take the good with the bad in a relationship, from The Essential Lynn Anderson
  • “Top of the World”- a positive feel-good song about how you feel when you’re in love, from Country Rose
  • “Take Me Home, Country Roads”- her rendition of John Denver’s classic, from How Can I Unlove You
  • “What a Man My Man Is”- a positive song singing the praises of her guy, from Country Rose
  • “How Can I Unlove You”- a song about how hard it is to move on after a break up and just stop loving someone, from How Can I Unlove You
  • “Fool Me”- how a fool in love never learns, her guy can keep fooling her even though she knows he is doing her wrong but she can’t give him up and the sadness of falling for his lies and needing him more than she has self-esteem, from 16 Biggest Hits
  • “You’re My Man”- a song about how much she loves her guy and how she feels about him, from Country Rose

    Some Early Hits:

  • “No Another Time”-a saucy little song about how her leaving man is not going to get another chance, it’s three strikes and he’s out because she’ll change the locks on her door, from The Essential Lynn Anderson
  • “Auctioneer”-a song about a young man who went to auctioneer school and learned to do the auction announcer patter (which is part of the chorus and a lot of fun to try to learn and sing along), from The Essential Lynn Anderson
  • “That’s A No No”-her man will have to give up his girl watching and his old girlfriends because she won’t be here when he comes back if he doesn’t, from 16 Biggest Hits
  • “Ride, Ride, Ride”-a classic song about telling someone to get on your horse and get out of here if they are just going to mistreat you, from Big Girls Don’t Cry

    Freegal has plenty of Lynn Anderson’s early, middle, and later works including a Gospel album called Bridges and a Christmas album called Home for the Holidays. Freegal also has plenty of greatest hit type albums and several live albums.

    ✿So, don’t let your 5 FREE downloads go to waste (they expire at 12 a.m. on Mondays-but then you get another 5 for the next week) and download something for free today.