Approximately 2 weeks ago, Yahoo admitted to having been hacked 2 years ago, with information on over 500 million accounts being stolen. As a result, they are requiring users who have not changed their password since then to change their password the next time they log in. They also offer the option to add a telephone number where you may be called or texted to verify your identity should you have trouble logging in afterwards. For more information on this event, check Google News for a list of articles on it.

We encourage our patrons to be careful with their passwords, and to use strong ones. Strong passwords are at least 8 characters, and should be longer, and should have a mix of lower and upper case letters, as well as numbers and punctuation symbols. One common method of developing a fairly strong password is to take a favorite line from a poem or song, and mix in some of the other things to spice it up.

For example: "America, America! God Shed His Grace On Thee" might turn into a,2!GshGo3 (Please do not actually use this one, as attackers may find it and start using it as one of the words they try.) The passwords the Beauregard Parish Library hands out for Patron accounts are fairly strong, but they should not be used on other sites!