Free Music from Newsboys

The Newsboys started in Australia and now have a lead singer Michael Tait who used to be with the famous DC Talk ( who I heard in college when they opened for Stephen Curtis Chapman). Freegal, the free and legal website that gives you five free downloads weekly and three free hours daily of commercial-free streaming music has the latest 2016 album from the Newsboys called Love Riot. In it are anthem-like songs such as “Crazy”, “Hero", and “You Hold It All”. There is also the danceable “Earthquake”. Or songs with building power like “No Longer Slaves” and “Family of God” which builds to a powerful children’s chorus. Or the driving rhythm of “Committed”.

  • Or try their single “Guilty” from the popular movie God’s Not Dead 2 (yes, the library has the movie). Freegal has the entire movie soundtrack album.
  • Or their hit “He Reigns” from the album of various artists: Wow #1s.
  • Freegal Quick Tip: Ever wonder what other Patrons in your library are downloading? Just click on the blue menu bar and click on MOST POPULAR. It will anonymously show you My Library Top 10 and the US Top 10.

    To find Freegal: at the library's homepage, click on the Electronic Library icon and click on Music and Video or simply scroll down to the Freegal icon.