We received a new book last week that might appeal to those who love and work with horses. Check out A Journey to Softness: In Search of Feel and Connection With the Horse by Mark Rashid.

Mark Rashid is a well known horse trainer who has developed a unique method of connecting with horses using a combination of traditional horsemanship and principles learned through his mastery of martial arts. His method focuses on working with the horse rather than against it. He is known for being able to solve difficult problems with horses using communication instead of force. In this book he shares stories that use remarkable events, quiet moments, and even stumbling blocks to demonstrate how his techniques work. He defines “softness” as having the sensitivity to feel when the horse tries to “give” and using this knowledge to produce the results we want.

The author says that his techniques are the result of decades of working with horses, horse people, and martial artists. If you want to develop a deeper bond with your horse and improve your training ability, this book is for you. It is located in the non-fiction section of the library in Dewey number 636. This section contains several resources for horse training, so you might find some additional books to help in this endeavor.