The business world today is in a lot of flux. Changes come every day, with mergers, bankruptcies, reorganizations, and other maneuvers. Unfortunately, this means that all too often, people are forced to start the painful search for a new job yet again.

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The Beauregard Parish Library offers services to try to make the search less painful. One of these services is the amazingly easy to use Cypress Resume service. Cypress Resume walks the user step by step through creating a well formatted résumé, as well as cover letters and reference sheets. It leads the job searcher through entering the important information needed, and formats it in the format of choice, then allows it to be saved and printed.

After it's created, our patrons can print their résumé on our professional quality Docucolor printer, which has a pass-through slot for feeding in heavy bond paper for that extra touch to get the résumé noticed. Or the patron can save the résumé as a PDF suitable for e-mailing or uploading to the corporate website, as many companies are now requesting applicants to do.

Cypress Resume is just one of the services available at the Library to help patrons find and keep jobs. Other resources may be found on our Online Learning Resources page.