The library has a very extensive DVD collection that is popular with our patrons. Many people enjoy checking out seasons of television shows and watching all of the episodes. We have all types of series, from the old classic shows to today’s most popular ones. We try to purchase new seasons as soon as they are released. Here are some of the new releases of current shows that we received last week.

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Ninth Season. When this hugely popular sitcom began, two socially awkward physicists, Leonard and Sheldon, lived across the hall from the beautiful Penny. Leonard fell in love with her, but there were many hurdles in their relationship. Now, nine seasons later, they are finally getting married. Sheldon has also found a girlfriend, but the season begins with some trouble in their relationship. Their friend Howard and his wife Bernadette, also scientists, learn that they are going to be parents. And Raj, now over his inability to talk to women, now has not one, but two potential girlfriends.

Longmire: The Complete Fourth Season. Follow the adventures of Sheriff Walt Longmire and his friends in Absaroka County, Wyoming in this contemporary western crime thriller series. In season four the mysterious White Warrior is dead, Walt’s best friend, Henry Standing Bear, is now free, his deputy, Victoria “Vic” Moretti is newly divorced, and Walt’s wife’s murder is seemingly resolved. But just when it looks like everyone can move on, there is trouble with the Reservation’s new casino. This will bring both danger and new opportunities to all.

Empire: The Complete Second Season. In this drama, Lucious, the founder and CEO of a successful record label has been diagnosed with ALS. He has to choose one of his three sons to take over his company when he dies. His ex-wife, who is also a co-founder of the company, has been released from prison and wants to reclaim her place in the company. In season two, the feuding family may have to unite in order to prevent an outside takeover. In addition to the intense drama of the series, there are also stunning musical performances.

*These television programs are not rated and may contain material that is not appropriate for all viewers.