On Thursdays through the summer we have usually had a staff recommendation for reading or viewing. This time we're going to skip the staff pick and remind you of Book Browse, the fun tool that you can use to find your next read.

Book Browse is located in our group of resources on our Online Resources page. You can also access it directly through the following link: Beauregard Parish Book Browse.

Book Browse has many features to help you find what you want to read next. One of the best tools is the Read Alike feature where you can share a book or author and find works that are similar to those. There is also a tab just for book clubs if you need recommendations or reading guides. A third really useful tool is that Book Browse is able to search our online catalog to show if we have any of the recommendations you find.

Book Browse is a really great tool, and we hope you enjoy using it. As always, if you have any questions about library products or need help, please ask one of our friendly staff.