It's always nice to have things arranged the way you like them. Fortunately, at least for e-mail, our webmail program SquirrelMail makes that easy!

At the top of the various columns listing your e-mails, you will see the title of the column (From, Date, Subject), and beside each is a small Fbox. Clicking one of those boxes in the column header will sort your e-mails based on that column. Click it again, and it reverses the sort, so that if you clicked on Date and had the most recent e-mails at the top, they would end up at the bottom and the oldest e-mails would be on top.

This is actually a common trick done in tables on the World Wide Web. In many cases, if you're looking at a table of items, either there will be a small box to indicate which column is being used to sort the items, or perhaps just clicking on the column header itself will cause the table to be sorted based on that column. You'll see this a lot on Wikipedia, and other websites.