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Jane Withers movies [DVDs]

If you remember the Shirley Temple film Bright Eyes you’ll remember Jane Withers. She was the spoiled rich child who Shirley’s character had to play with. But that role made her quite popular and she went on to play the starring role in her own black and white movies. This adorable, apple cheeked brunette played impish yet feisty roles and her talent improved as she grew older. She could dance and sing and act quite convincingly.

Paddy O’Day (1935) is the story of an Irish immigrant girl who comes to America only to learn her mother has died and so the girl will be sent back. A group of kindly gypsies take to her but the authorities will not let them adopt her. So Paddy (Jane) escapes with tiny dog in tow and finds the house where her mother worked. She reeks havoc there but in the end all are better for having known her. Jane even dons an Irish brogue.

Little Miss Nobody (1936) is a movie I really like because it takes place in an orphanage with lots of other children. The orphanage can’t afford a Thanksgiving Turkey so Jane liberates one from the local grocer and brings it home in a baby carriage. Jane is always getting in trouble with pranks like this. But Jane the orphan really has a long lost father who is looking for her and the only way he will know her is by the family crest that was on her baby blanket. Jane finds this out and when Jane’s delicate friend is about to be adopted out to a family where she would have a mean bully of a brother, Jane makes a great sacrifice by switching the baby blankets with the family crest so that her friend will be adopted by Jane’s real father. She is caught doing this and the matron thinks Paddy was trying to pretend she was the real daughter and it is the last straw for the matron and Jane is then sent away to a reform school. But don’t fear, she escapes and meets up with her friend who has gotten adopted by Jane’s real father and-well, you guessed it, a happy ending.

High School 1940-This is my favorite as Jane is a little older and gets into many funny predicaments like having to sing opera when someone has put a lizard down her back or when she convinces a dance tutor and her accompanist that the garden snake Jane laid on the piano is poisonous and the piano player needs to keep playing to lull the snake into a stupor while the snake hisses and slithers around the poor man. She is sent to live with her uncle and gets him into funny situations. She and all the kids at her new school get into scrapes like busting up a car thief ring by flinging themselves at the bad guys in a crazy free-for-all fight. And by the end of the movie Jane learns to be humble and even has a sweetheart.

Other Jane Withers movies the library has: Golden Hoofs 1941, The Holy Terror 1937, and Always in Trouble 1938 with Arthur Treacher.

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