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Christian Contemporary Artist Stephen Curtis Chapman got his big break in the 1980’s. He sang at churches and Christian Universities. He was always very friendly and willing to sign autographs. I actually saw him at a university in Oklahoma and he was very friendly to everyone there and took pictures and signed autographs. Freegal, the free and legal music service provided by the Beauregard Parish Library has his latest album Worship and Believe full of praise songs featuring the upbeat single “Amen”, and live versions of several songs as well.

Freegal also has his 2013 album The Glorious Unfolding which is full of songs written to ease one’s grief after the loss of a loved one. Stephen Curtis Chapman’s adopted daughter was accidentally run over by his son as the girl went to greet the brother and she died. This tragedy left Stephen heartbroken but he kept his faith and belief that one day in heaven he would see his daughter again. The title track “The Glorious Unfolding” talks about how life is a glorious unfolding and it is far from over but in fact just the beginning as you have your life in heaven too. This theme is continued with the song “See You in a Little While” where the person is dying and you want to hold on but Jesus is calling them home. It will only be the blink of an eye until you see them again and you will be with them forever. And the song “A Little More Time to Love” talks about how we feel when we are left behind when a loved one passes but we can do good things for people in need and we can love as we have been loved. These songs may make you cry but it helped me grieve and they are upbeat and uplifting.

He also has a Christmas Album entitled Joy.

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