Sometimes, how you get to a site matters as much as what the site is.

In this case, the Gale Virtual Reference Library. As it happens, the State Library of Louisiana has a subscription to this offering. However, the Beauregard Parish Library also has a subscription, where we selected a few different options.

To get to them, you start out on the Louisiana Library Databases Page, found by clicking the appropriate button on the left side of the BPL Homepage. That's the same button as last week's Find It Friday started out with. From there, on the left side of the page, listed in the alphabetical order that libraries so love, is the Gale Virtual Reference - My Library link. This link leads to the BPL's collection of reference works.

On the right side, however, again scrolling down alphabetically, until you find Gale Virtual Reference Library. Clicking that link will take you to the selection of works picked by the State Library. Some works will be in one, some the other, and some in both. So, if you would swear you found something one day, and can't find it again even though you're on the same site, you might not be going crazy - you might just have logged in to the wrong version of the site!