One of the up and coming careers is the world of 3D Printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing. While the Library does not yet have a 3D Printer, we do have a tool you can use to get started learning more about the field and how to develop the 3D models used in the field!

All of our patron lab computers come equipped with the program Blender. This is a free and open source program used for building 3D models, making commercials for television, and a wide variety of other projects.

You can get started right here in the Library by signing into your account on one of the Patron machines (guest logins are available if you do not have an account - see one of the circulation people!). Go to the Applications Menu (sometimes, it's just the Gnome Foot icon) usually found on the left of the application bar either at the top or bottom of the screen, pick Graphics from that menu, then pick Blender to get started. The Blender website includes links to many great tutorials and getting started guides, as well as the full manual, and even a place to download your own copy that you can install at home!