Get ready because June is just around the corner, and June is Audiobook Month!

Audiobooks are a great way to listen to your favorite books. Benefits of audiobooks include:

  • Highly portable
  • Made for all ages and subjects
  • Help literacy
  • At Beauregard Parish Library we offer audiobooks on CD, Playaway (self-contained unit that plays itself), and digital. Our digital audiobooks include:

  • OverDrive--digital audiobooks that play on your computer, an MP3 player and through Apple and Android apps.
  • Tumble Suite--available any time of day, and the developers have developed some apps that may make it easy to take these and other books on the go.
  • EBSCOHost Audiobook collection--available from the statewide Louisiana Library Connection database page
  • We have even more fun with audiobooks because digital checkouts do not count against checkouts from the physical libray. Plus, most audiobooks list their running times, so that will make it really easy for those of you keeping Summer Reading Program logs!

    We hope you enjoy audiobooks all through the month of June and beyond. If you need assistance finding the right book for you, you can use our Online Catalog or ask a friendly staff member for help.