School is out and the kids are looking for things to do. Last week we added some new books to our collection that should keep the young folks occupied engage their minds at the same time.

Check out:

Outer Space by Ken Jennings. Fans of the game show Jeopardy may remember Ken Jennings, who was the champion for an incredibly long period several years ago. He now writes a series of Junior Genius Guides covering all sorts of topics. This volume is full of out-of-this-world facts about the universe. There are great illustrations and fun quizzes to test your knowledge. Learn about the sun, planets, and every part of the galaxy and have fun doing it.

Why Dogs Eat Poop: Gross but True Things You Never Knew About Animals by Francesca Gould and David Haviland. Organized in question and answer format, this book is filled with disgusting facts about all sorts of animals. Kids will delight in learning about creatures like the Dracula ant and a parrot that was the last living speaker of an indigenous language. There are also cringe-worthy facts about the habits and bodily functions of other animals such as snakes and frogs. While the information learned here may not be ideal dinner conversation, kids will enjoy being grossed out.

Understanding Coding With Python by Patricia Harris. If you have a budding computer enthusiast, check out this easy to follow manual for the programming language Python. Using this coding language allows kids to create games or webpages while learning a valuable skill. Python was developed using features of other programming languages, but modified to make it easier for young or beginner coders. There are some example programs to show how it all works, and then kids are encouraged to be creative and design their own. We also have the same type of guides for other kid-friendly languages.

Remember that our Summer Reading Programs begin this week. We have programs for all ages, so be sure to sign the whole family up!