With Staff Picks, we would like to offer recommendations from our staff to you. These picks will be from a variety of reading, listening or viewing tastes. You might find stuff you've checked out before, or you might be intrigued enough to discover a new favorite. Just in time to kick off our Summer Reading Program, here is a children's book sure to delight all ages.

Bloom by Doreen Cronin and David Small

A Story of a Mud Fairy and an extraordinary “ordinary” girl and a castle in trouble.

There was once a fairy named Bloom, who had mud on her face and beetles in her wings but she made plants grow and flowers bloom. And as she walked she tracked mud about the glass castle. But after a while, the castle got tired of her mess and threw her out. But after years of decay, the castle was falling apart and they needed the fairy’s help. So the King went and asked for help but all he got was a bucket of mud. So, the Queen went and all she got was a bucket of mud. So, they decided to send what they considered an ordinary girl named Genevieve.

She went to the fairy and was presented with a bucket of mud. So Genevieve explained that her glass castle was falling apart, and that got her a shovel. But the girl was kind and so offered to help with the fairy’s chores and explained that she was sent to ask the fairy’s help because she was so ordinary. The fairy looked strange when she said this, but she taught the girl to make bricks out of mud and sand and straw. The fairy offered the girl words of encouragement, and soon they built a house in the woods. So, the fairy Bloom sent Genevieve back to the castle with words to the Kingdom that said that there is no such thing as an ordinary girl. And Genevieve went confidently back to the castle and built it new from mud bricks.

I love that this story shows a different fairy, a mud fairy, a bit messy but with a great gift to share. And that it shows that all children can learn something new and bring their gifts to the world. But the most special part is that it teaches children that no one is ordinary. This would make a great story for boys or girls and even adults who need reminding that we are all special.

If Bloom interests you, feel free to request or check it out. We'll be back next Wednesday with a different Staff Pick.