´╗┐This week we received an interesting book by a nutritionist who claims that it is possible to use food therapies to help combat many of the health issues that we face. Fast Metabolism Food RX: 7 Powerful Prescriptions to Feed Your Body Back to Health by Haylie Pomroy with Eve Adamson gives targeted eating plans that the author claims can restore the body and return sufferers of many conditions to vibrant health.

The author began investigating the power of foods when her life was threatened by multiple health challenges. She developed food programs based on her research and credits these methods and philosophies with saving her life. She shares her personal story and shows how she has used her program for decades in her clinics to help people learn to listen to the clues their bodies give them about what foods they need. She shows how symptoms such as fatigue, elevated cholesterol or blood sugar, mood or cognition difficulties, and autoimmune issues can often be treated with food rather than drugs.

So, if you want to see how your food choices could benefit your health, check out this new book. Please remember that this book is not a substitute for the advice and care of a medical professional and is not intended to diagnose or treat any specific conditions. Always consult your physician before changing your nutrition or fitness routine.