This week we received a new book by actress and fitness icon Kate Hudson. Interviewers are constantly asking her how she stays so fit and healthy. They want to know what diet she follows, what exercise plan she uses, what other secrets she has. Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body is her answer to these questions. Like all of us, she is always busy dealing with work and family responsibilities. She has discovered how to make good choices regarding food and exercise without holding herself to an unreasonable standard of perfection.

She shares with readers her four pillars Health: Cultivate an intuitive relationship with your body, Eat well, Awaken your body, and The miracle of mindfulness. She explains each of these in detail and offers suggestions and advice for implementing them in our lives. There are tips for eating better including grocery lists and ways to make meal preparation easier. There are sections on meditation and other stress-relieving strategies. She shows the importance of motivation and ways to stay focused on your goals.

In all, this is a book with a plan for health and wellness that can be helpful to everyone.