Just in time for National Library Week, the Merryville branch of the Beauregard Parish Library is getting its own set of Launchpads. Launchpads are the educational tablets from Findaway World. They come with ten different learning apps each so your child can enjoy learning, and there are many different topics to explore.

Grown ups, you don’t need wifi or internet to use the apps on the launchpads! You can take it with you on the go. We even supply a charger so your launchpad has enough get up and go to satisfy any curious mind.

We have launchpads for four age groups (3-5, 5-7, 8-10, 10+). The boxes tell you what the topic of the launchpad is, what apps are on the device, and the recommended age group for the child.

These are the launchpad titles you’ll see at Merryville branch:

  • All about Animals!
  • The Great Explorer!
  • On the Job!
  • Scale Your Imagination!
  • The Best Me!
  • Wonder Worlds!
  • Transport Station!
  • Buzz Here. Purr There.
  • Wind Down!
  • Homework Done. Time for Fun!
  • Hey, Pumpkin!
  • After School Extreme!
  • You Don't Bug Me!
  • Game Night!
  • Jump Up and Party!
  • Words, Sentences, Stories. Oh, My!
  • Off to Work!

    Please note: Only one launchpad checkout at one time per card. The library does not recharge the launchpads between patron uses.

    Launchpads are ready for take-off today at the Merryville branch!