Spring is a time when many people enjoy planting a garden. The library has great resources for all types of gardens – large, small, flower or vegetable. Regardless of the type of garden, we all know that bees are essential because of their role in pollinating our plants. Over the past few years, the bee population has been threatened by colony collapse disorder. But what we plant in our gardens can help support the bees and help them thrive. The Bee Friendly Garden by Kate Frey and Gretchen LeBuhn shows us how to accomplish this.

The book begins by explaining exactly why bees are so important to plants, and by extension our entire food supply. It then discusses the many different types of bees and dispels some of the myths surrounding them. Then it guides gardeners in selecting plants for a bee friendly garden and gives tips for designing that garden. There are beautiful color photographs showing how the gardens can accomodate all different tastes and size restrictions. It also shows how to create nest boxes and water features that add beauty while providing additional assistance to the bees.The resource section even includes plant lists for every region of the country.

So, if you are considering planting a garden, check out this book and make it one that will not only be enjoyable for you, but will also support a vital part of the global food chain.