Last week we highlighted some new books we received to help our patrons learn about some legal issues that they might be facing. This week we added some more legal resources that might be helpful. These books are also published by Nolo, one of the leading providers of legal guides.

Legal Forms for Starting & Running a Small Business by attorney Fred S. Steingold contains information and copies of the forms needed by small business owners. The first section of the book is full of detailed information on the types of contracts and forms used, definitions of terms and tips for ensuring that all applicable laws are followed. There are sections on forming a business, running a corporation, borrowing money, purchasing real estate, hiring employees and extending credit and getting paid. The last section contains the actual forms that can be photocopied for use. The library does have a copier available to do this.

Social Security, Medicare & Government Pensions by attorney Joseph L. Matthews is an ideal resource for anyone planning for retirement or dealing with disability. The book is intended to help ensure that everyone is aware of all of the programs available to assist with financial and medical issues that arise when they are, or soon will be, on a fixed income. It will also help guide them through the complex rules and regulations of these programs so that they do not miss out on the benefits to which they are entitled. There are sections on applying for Social Security or Medicare and appealing if you are denied benefits. There is also information for veterans and those who are retiring from government careers. There is also information for caregivers who may be trying to assist someone else in obtaining needed benefits. It is divided into easy to use sections so that you can quickly locate the information you need.

As always, the helpful library staff will be happy to assist you in finding these or other resources to help you learn about the legal issues that affect you. However, please remember that we are not qualified to provide any legal advice.