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77 Days in September: a novel of survival, dedication and love by Ray Gorham

Seventy-Seven Days in September is the story of a terrorist attack on the United States and is the story of one man's dedication to return home to his family 2000 miles away. In the story, terrorists detonate a nuclear weapon 300 miles above the central United States which causes an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) that wipes out and destroys all electronic devises exposed to it, including modern vehicles. In this techno age that in itself would bring a society such as ours to it's knees setting us back hundreds of years, and instead of causing mass devastation instantly, with this type of attack millions of people could die of starvation, exposure to extreme heat and cold, and lack of medicine and medical care over a period of time.

The story revolves around a man named Kyle who is boarding an airplane in Houston right before the attack to fly home to his wife and children in Montana. The event happens just as the plane begins to take off and after losing all power the plane crashes. He survives the crash and eventually begins an almost 2000 mile walk across the United States to get home to his family who has no idea if he is alive or dead, as there are no phone services following the event. Along the way, he encounters good people, not so good people, and even has to make instant life and death decisions not just for himself but also for other 'walkers' along the way as things become more and more hostile across the country with each new day. The story switches back and forth between his struggles trying to get home and his family's struggles trying to survive without him.

I found the book very interesting and thought provoking as well because an event such as this could very well happen, and it makes one realize just how dependent we are on our electronic 'luxuries'. Definitely makes one think about their own journey of survival, dedication, and love in the wake of disaster.

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