Search Tips for Freegal (the free and legal music service)

Having trouble finding an album? Sometimes if you to search under Albums instead of the Artist in the search box you will get more results.

For instance, type in Elvis Presley under Artists and you will not find his Blue Hawaii Album. But under Albums type in Blue Hawaii Elvis Presley and it will take you right to it.

Type in David Bowie under Artist and you will only find a few singles from Blackstar but type in David Bowie under Albums and you will find the EP Blackstar with 5 tunes.

You will also find more videos the same way by clicking Videos by the search box and typing in the artists name. Type in David Bowie under artists and you can scroll down to see 3 videos. But type in David Bowie under Videos and you will also see an electronic press kit (EPK) that contains a video of clips of different songs from his Reality Tour plus an introduction by David Bowie himself.

Don't forget you can listen to each song before you download it. Or you can just listen to the music (streaming) up to 3 hours a day with no commercials.