This week we will discuss the Gale Legal Forms: Louisiana database. This is a valuable database for BPL patrons who are looking for free and easily accessible legal forms, specific to the state of Louisiana. To access this database click on the "Louisiana Library Databases" link on the lefthand side of the homepage and then select "Gale Legal Forms: Louisiana". For your convenience this database can be accessed both from home and the library.

The legal forms homepage gives three different searching options. You can type directly into the search box, browse categories by alphabet, or view the most popular legal forms section. The list of categories includes: Divorce, Bankruptcy, Landlord Tenant, Wills & Estates, Real Estate, Sample Letters, and Power of Attorney.

The search you choose to use will depend on how much information you already have about the forms you need. For example: If you know the exact title of the form you need the easiest thing will be type directly into the search box and select the Titles bubble before clicking search. Or, if you don’t have a name but know you need a form having to do with bankruptcy you can select the Bankruptcy section and search through the most popular forms.

This database also gives a comprehensive list of legal definitions, which is helpful if you come across an unfamiliar word in one of the forms. From the homepage of the database you can click on definitions and view the words alphabetically.