This week we received a new book that can help parents who are looking for fun, creative and educational activities to do with their children: How to Amaze Your Daughter: Crafts, Recipes and Other Creative Experiences to Teach Her to See the Extraordinary in the Ordinary by Raphaele Vidaling.

Picasso said “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” This book will help parents help their children continue to look at the world in wonder with a curiosity that can transform raw materials into fantastic things. There are craft ideas for projects that can be made together, experiments and magic tricks, and even recipes for delicious and fun snacks. All of the activities use everyday items in new and creative ways.

While the book is geared toward girls and many of the projects involve activities traditionally associated with girls, any child could find activities that he or she could enjoy and learn from. And parents will have a good time too.