With Staff Picks, we would like to offer recommendations from our staff to you. These picks will be from a variety of reading, listening or viewing tastes. You might find stuff you've checked out before, or you might be intrigued enough to find a new favorite.

The Oak Inside the Acorn by Max Lucado

The Oak Inside the Acorn is the story of the miracle inside each of us. For within every child is the special person God created, just waiting to grow.

A parent patron asked me to get her something that would help her talk to her 5 yr old about who God is and who is Jesus. She wanted to be able to answer questions he was having. So I gathered material for her. This was one of the items, and it's a wonderful story.

One [customer review] had this to say about it: Lucado celebrates the virtue of small things: small things have BIG potential. I loved the line in the story spoken by the Mother Tree: "Within you is a great oak. Just be the tree God made you to be." How many people suffer because they try to hard to be something that they were not designed to be just like the Little Acorn? The message is very powerful--striking deep into the soul.

If The Oak Inside the Acorn interests you, feel free to request or check it out. We'll be back next Wednesday with a different Staff Pick.