For many people the Christmas shopping season kicks off today! Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will be easy to find, but are all of them really worth it? Before you step out that door make sure to take a look at the Consumer Reports Buying Guide for 2015. This report is available online and provides valuable information regarding pricing, warranties, and quality!

How to find the 2015 Consumer Reports Buying Guide:

  • From this homepage select the Louisiana Library Databases tab on the lefthand side
  • On the next page look under the Statewide Database header and select Ebscohost
  • Select MasterFILE Premier which will be the third item down on the list of databases
  • In the search box at the top of the page enter “2015 consumer reports buying guide”
  • Choose one of the first two results and then click on the “PDF Full Text” link.
  • When the document opens you can use the links on the lefthand side to scroll through the sections you are interested in. For example: Ovens, washers, printers, etc.

  • Happy shopping!