Scottish Gaelic

For this week's Mango Monday in honor of St. Andrew's Day, the national holiday of Scotland, coming up on November 30th, we will present Scottish Gaelic.

Scottish Gaelic is a language spoken by around 100,000 people in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, and New Zealand. As a Gaelic language, it is not directly related to English, though the people who speak English and Scottish are neighbors. Mango describes the allure of Scottish Gaelic as

The Outer Hebrides...twenty idyllic islands just off the west coast of Scotland! World class beaches, stunning vistas, ragged mountains, rich wildlife, and lush, verdant pastures are perfectly balanced in this hiker’s paradise. Whether you are on a single-lane road overlooking hundreds of kilometers of perfectly clean beaches, or watching the Northern lights from the parapet of an ancient castle, this land offers unparalleled enchantments for the eager traveler. When you raise a glass with your host, you will say Mòran taing! (Many thanks!) for the incredible hospitality and stunning beauty of this country.

All conversational languages give you different language skills and situations to practice (Making Friends, Shopping, etc). Here is the first lesson from Chapter 8: Getting help.

  • Ouch! Oich! Oich!
  • Are you feeling alright? A bheil sibh a'faireachdainn gu math?
  • Not at all. Chan eil idir.
  • What's wrong with you? Dè a tha oirbh?
  • I hurt my leg. Ghoirtich mi mo chas.
  • Oh, dear! Could you use some help? Obh obh! Am b'fheàirrde sibh cuideachadh?
  • Yes, call the doctor, please. B'fheàirrde, cuiribh fios air an dotair, mas e ur toil e.

    Scottish Gaelic is available through both Mango Languages and Pronunciator. Each language product has different interfaces, and some will work better for you depending on what you want to get out of your language experience. Don't forget to take advantage of each product's mobile apps for language learning on the go!

    Next Monday we will be back with a new language you can teach yourself with resources from your library.