If you enjoy quiz shows or trivia contests, we received a series of DVDs this week that might interest you. Timeless Trivia by Sentimental Productions is a set of seven volumes of questions and answers related to various popular culture topics. Each DVD presents a series of questions and then gives the answers along with additional information about the subject. The topics range from symbols of patriotic pride (Episode 1: Stars, Stripes & Apple Pie) to the Old West (Episode 4: Lives & Legends of the Old West) to the cultural influence of comics and advertising (Episode 5: Cartoons, Comic Books & Funny Papers, and Episode 6: Advertising Slogans, Jingles & Taglines).

Each volume also contains a computer CD that allows you to print the questions, answers and even some bonus questions. So, whether you just want a fun way to learn about these topics or want to get a group together for a challenging game of trivia, these DVDs will provide some thought provoking and educational entertainment.