As many of you may have noticed our website got a small makeover last week. We streamlined our digital library listing so that it wouldn’t become overwhelming as we continue to add new items. Want to check out some of our changes? On the lefthand side of this webpage you will see four categories under the “digital library” heading. Selecting a category will lead users to a list of databases that fall under that category. Take the time in the upcoming week to browse through each of these categories, hopefully you will find it easier to locate the database you are looking for. In the upcoming weeks we will take a closer look at each of the categories.

An example:If you were interested in reading electronic books and wanted to find Overdrive, you would click on the Electronic Library Link. Or, if you needed to look up information about fixing your car you would click on Online Research. The Online Research page has different subject headings and you would look under the Automotive heading for Chilton Library.