This week we received the latest book in J. D. Robb’s popular series featuring policewoman Eve Dallas. The series began in 1995 when bestselling author Nora Roberts was looking for a new writing challenge after her many bestselling romance novels. She used the pseudonym to create suspense stories and they were an immediate hit with readers. Now, with more than forty books in the series, readers are still eagerly awaiting the latest installment.

Devoted in Death finds Lieutenant Dallas tracking a young couple who have made their way from Oklahoma to New York leaving a trail of crime behind them. They are brutal killers who are intent on taking whatever they want without regard for anyone who gets in their way. But now they must contend with Eve and her husband Roarke, who will hunt them down and make sure they get exactly what they deserve.

The library has this title – and the others in the series – in a variety of formats. So, whether you prefer print, audiobook, or ebook, check out this latest thriller.