English as a Second Language

For this week's Mango Monday, we want to remind our patrons that the library has English as a Second Language resources through both Mango and Pronunciator. While English is the first language of many in Beauregard Parish, it is still new for many. We do what we can to help new speakers achieve their goals.

Mango has 19 different varieties of English as a Second Language courses. Specifically, they are:

  • English for Arabic(Egyptian) speakers اانجليزي للمصريين
  • English for Arabic(MSA) speakers الإنجليزية للمتحدثين بالعربية
  • English for Armenian speakers անգլերեն հայերի համար
  • English for Bengali speakers বাংলাভাষীদের জন্য ইংরেজী
  • English for Chinese(Cantonese) speakers 教粵語人士講英文
  • English for Chinese(Mandarin) speakers 针对中国人(母语为普通话)的英语学习
  • English for French speakers Anglais pour Francophones
  • English for German speakers Englisch für Deutschsprachige
  • English for Greek speakers Αγγλικα Για Έλληνες
  • English for Haitian Creole speakers Anglè pou Moun Ki Pale Lang Kreyòl Ayisyen
  • English for Italian speakers Inglese per Italiani
  • English for Japanese speakers 日本人のための英会話
  • English for Korean speakers 한국인을 위한 영어
  • English for Polish speakers Angielski Dla Polaków
  • English for Portuguese(Brazil) speakers Inglês para Brasileiros
  • English for Russian speakers Английский Для Русскоговорящих
  • English for Spanish(Latin America) speakers Inglés Para Hablantes De Español
  • English for Turkish speakers Türkçe Konuşanlar için İngilizce
  • English for Vietnamese speakers Tiếng Anh Cho Người Việt Nam

    We hope our English learners can find something helpful they will enjoy using.